Seeking someone to share the journey... 

The spiritual journey is not always an easy or straightforward one. There are peaks and troughs, mountain–top and desert experiences. There are times when it feels as if we have lost our way, lost touch with who we are at the core of our being or lost the sense of meaning and purpose that sustains us. There are times of feeling certain and secure in our convictions and times of being plagued by doubts and questions and uncertainties. There are times of holding on and times of letting go, times of stability and times of crisis and transition.


We may choose to seek spiritual accompaniment for many different reasons. It may be, for example, that we simply feel the need to tell our own sacred story, to share it with a fellow traveller whom we can trust to receive it with acceptance, understanding and compassion. It may be that we need support and encouragement to enable us to hold on to the Divine when we have been struggling with life, wrestling with ourselves or negotiating a painful and difficult faith transition. It may be that we need help in finding a spiritual pathway that is meaningful to us or are longing to live a deeper, more meaningful spiritual life. It may be that we have a deep desire to come to know and understand ourselves better, to realise our potential, to become the self that somewhere inside us we sense ourselves to be. Or it may be that we are trying to find the courage to take risks, to face our fears and to take a step into the unknown as we seek to attend to the inner promptings of our soul.   


At such times, spiritual accompaniment can offer us a profoundly safe and sacred space in which to attend to whatever it is that is emerging within us and a fellow traveller to share the journey with us for a while.

Spirituality is the art

of homecoming. 

                               John O'Donohue