My background

I have been involved in the therapeutic world for most of my adult life. I qualified originally as a clinical psychologist in the mid 1970s and worked for a number of years in the NHS before eventually moving into working as a person–centred therapist and supervisor on a full time basis. I have also taught for over twenty years on Further and Higher Education counselling courses in the UK. Currently, I work in private practice as a person-centred spiritual accompanier, pastoral supervisor and workshop and group facilitator. I am also the founder and Chair of Spaceforsoul, an inclusive progressive spiritual community which aims to support and resource those who are making their spiritual journeys outside the walls of organised religion.



My philosophy



MA Hons Psychology (1974) 

M Phil. Clinical Psychology (1976)

Diploma in Spiritual Accompaniment (2012)

There is a self within each one of us

waiting to be born.

                                            Alan Jones

I have always felt powerfully drawn to the humanistic philosophy which lies at the heart of the person–centred approach with its essentially positive view of human nature, its affirmation of our dignity and worth as human beings and its fundamental belief in our longing and capacity to grow and develop, to become more fully ourselves. At the same time, I have for many years had a strong interest in the inter-connectedness of body, mind, soul and spirit, in the mystery of our spirituality (however we may experience and live it out) and in the way in which our psychological and spiritual journeys are interwoven as we move through life.

My spirituality

At this point in my journey, I would say that I am most closely drawn to the progressive Christian progressive tradition with its recognition of the value of personal and subjective spiritual experience, its inclusiveness, its acknowledgement that there are many pathways to the Divine and its emphasis on the primacy of love and compassion. In recent years, I have also become increasingly drawn to a more mystical and contemplative spirituality and to many of the insights of the Celtic spiritual tradition which point to the sacredness and inter-connectedness of all life.