Spiritual Accompaniment


For centuries, people of all faiths and spiritual traditions have been seeking spiritual guidance, mentoring or discipling from others within their own tradition. Contemporary spiritual accompaniment is, however, a very different experience. What it can offer us is a safe, accepting and supportive space in which we can tell our sacred stories, explore our spiritual journeying and ‘live the questions’ that are meaningful to us. It is essentially non-directive and can be an invaluable resource for those of us who are hungry for a greater spiritual reality in our lives, wherever we are on our journeys and however we may experience and express our spirituality. It is not about one person giving moral or spiritual advice, guidance or direction to the other. It is an offering of companionship from a fellow traveller, from someone who is willing to walk alongside us for a while as we seek to find and follow our own unique path to the Sacred or Divine.


Particularly for those of us who may not have found a spiritual home within the walls of organised religion or are struggling on our own with aspects of our spiritual lives, this can be an invaluable resource. You do not have to adhere to a particular spiritual tradition or to be part of a spiritual community to benefit from spiritual accompaniment. Wherever you may be on your spiritual journey and whatever it is you are searching for, setting aside an hour or so every few weeks to attend to your spiritual self in this way can be a profoundly growthful experience.





My background and experience


In my work as a person-centred therapist over the past twenty years, I have had considerable experience of working with people’s spiritual issues and concerns as they have chosen to bring aspects of their spiritual lives to therapy. I have also had experience of leading spiritual exploration and meditation groups and over the last few years, have moved into offering spiritual accompaniment.


My approach


My approach to spiritual accompaniment is fundamentally a person-centred one. I see myself as a ‘fellow traveller’ and spiritual companion and seek to create a safe space in which you can freely explore any aspect of your spiritual life and journey. I have experience of working with people both from within the Christian tradition and from humanist backgrounds and have considerable experience of working with those of us who see ourselves as on the edge of or outside the major faith traditions; with those of us who are struggling with church or with organised religion; with those of us who may be recovering from painful or traumatic life experiences which have left us doubting or questioning our faith; and with those of us who are struggling to find our own path to the Sacred.  


Normally, I offer monthly sessions of one to one and a half hours though this may be varied to suit your individual circumstances.


Spiritual accompaniment fees


My usual fee is £30 per hour but, under some circumstances, a concessionary rate may be available for those on low incomes. Please enquire.


There is no place so awake and alive

as the edge of becoming.

                                        Sue Monk Kidd